Join Web Designs NYC

Join Our Team - Web Designs NYC And Development Company Web Designs NYC is offerring web building services for all off the customer needs. We are looking for developers and designers who are willing to take on projects as they become available. We offer customer satisfaction, so this is how the whole process would look like:
  • We receive a request from customer for a new website
  • We estimate the price on the project and send the quote to the customer
  • When customer approves the price, we send the clean instructions to you along with sample code and starter pages
  • You would then build a website using the starter pages we provide
  • Upon completion the temporary site is sent out to the customer for review
  • If the customer is fully satisfied, a final payment is made
  • We may take up to 25% charge on the commission as we provide the backend application and support, and you receive 75% or more for your work
The above is an example of a situation where you would do most of the work. The project may require a designer's touch or a completely new design. In cases where you do only a programming part, the total would have to be split between you and the designer. We may encounter a more sophisticated project that could flip the entire idea upside down, in case where multiple designers and developers would work on one project. One thing for sure, before we ask you to do anything, we will tell you what the expectations are, and what the final payment would be.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please continue to the contact us page and fill in the form with your contact information.

We are looking forward to working with you!