View the Web Page Administrator Tutorials

The Administrator is a free website administrative tool that allows you to update content, meta information, pictures, videos, and more. We are sure that you will find The Administrator easy to use, but just in case of some unclarity, we have created a selection of helpfull videos that will get you started. It is straightforward, intuitive, yet powerful - the perfect combination! No programming or HTML skills are needed! Best of all, everything that would apply to your website is already included in your version of The Administrator for free.

Home Page

Home, sweet home! This section allows you to edit your personal information, depending on your request this information may be located on the contact page of your website. Also here you may edit your password for your administrator. Just make your changes and click "Update Changes". You will also see "Build VCF Card" button. This action would grab your information (all fields with exception of personal phone, personal email and of course password) and it will create a contact card for Microsoft Outlook. This card often is placed in the contact page of your website as well. Last but not least is the google analytics data. This view shows number of unique visitors coming to your website on a weekly basis. Eight weeks of data is displayed ( 8 being the most recent week ). And at the bottom you have the total number of visitors to your website. Once again, this data is provided to you via Google Analytics.

Meta Tags

This is a big one. It's very important to set up good meta tags, so that your presence on the web is known. First of all title is what shows up on the top of your browser, right next to the icon. Right now the title says "Web Designs NYC - Web Page Administrator Tools". This allows your visitors to see what page they are going to before they enter your website. Secondly main heading is the section for <H1> tag for each of your pages. It could be the same as the title, but not necessarily. It's quite important for S.E.O purposes, as are description and keywords. These you need to come up with yourself as well. Description is what the user will see on the search engine results prior to entering your website. Keywords help search engines link up the results to your web site. Fill them all up. Do it for all your pages. It will not hurt. "Home" is the default page, so if you wish you can just fill it out for this page and all the other pages will follow.

Content Pages

Editing content pages has never been easier, and these tools come free of charge! We can set up each of your web pages that will need to change content every now and then, and all you have to do is log into your administrator, click "Pages" in the main menu, select the page you want to edit from the list on the left and... just edit it. It's as easy as editing a word document. Just type out all that you need to type out. Add images if necessary. Modify font, color, size, style, alignment, just like in a word document. Still have problems? The video should be able to address it, if not, just click on the "Contact Us" tab in your admin and tell us what we can do to help you. We're always here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is section, as plain as it looks, gives you total control of the Frequently Asked Section on your website. Why would I need such section you may ask. Well, there's more than just one reason. Firstly, you would be doing your visitors a favor. There's a chance that your visitor does not have time to send you an email asking you questions and wants a response right away. Allow them to get it by letting them search through your database of answers. Secondly, your answers are considered content too and are good for S.E.O. If someone searches Google for "Why would I need a website?" they might come across the page of my FAQs where I tell them my opinion. So, coming back to the administrator, simply click "Add New Question" button. Then enter in your question. The question will be now available. Place your cursor in the answer field and type in your answer. To sort the questions simply click and drag the entire tab to where you want it. To edit or delete the question double-click on the tab.